LabDx 3D Rotator-Mixer L3D-X1



  • 3D Rotation
  • Removable to plate and Mat



3D Rotation
Removable to plate and Mat



The 3DM multi-function rotator provides all that is required for thorough mixing in flasks, dishes, petri dishes and boxes.

Technical Specification:

3D rotation over the speed range 20rpm.
Reciprocal 3D rotation from 1 to 360°.
The 3DM is extremely easy to operate with very simple set-up.
Fixed angle: 20° tilt.
Wide platform.
Smooth non-slip mat supplied as standard;
optional dimpled mat also available.
Can Handle loads up to 1kg.
Operating ambient temperature range 4°C to 45°C Works  in a cold room or incubator as well.
Low energy consumption.
Custom branding (restrictions apply).

Packing:( Content of the Box)

  • Instrument
  • Mat
  • Operation and Maintenance instructions