Blease Frontline Sirius Anaesthesia System Repair Manual


Note to Service Personnel
The Frontline SiriusĀ® and integrated equipment must only be serviced by Qualified Service
The contents of this manual are not binding. If any significant difference is found between the
product and this manual please contact Blease Medical Equipment Limited for further
To ensure correct functioning, the equipment must be serviced at regular intervals.
Blease Medical Equipment Limited recommends that the machine should be serviced at
intervals not exceeding three months. Qualified Service Personnel and genuine spare parts
should be used for all servicing and repairs. Blease Medical Equipment Limited will not
otherwise assume responsibility for the materials used, the work performed or any possible
consequences of the same.
In communication with Blease Medical Equipment Limited, quote the model and serial number
of the equipment, with the approximate date of purchase. If the equipment is being returned
for repair, indicate the nature of the fault or the work you require to be carried out.